Thursday, May 9, 2013

How Frustrating is No Cable & Internet?

I predicted to FranT that I might go off the grid for a few days while changing apartments, but I had no idea what would follow: due to some scheduling complications and Comcast being the worst, we've had no cable or internet since May 1st. While I've dusted off a few books and had some phenomenal excuses to sit at the L Street Tavern by myself on a Tuesday night, my blog writing has suffered. I received a letter from a raven on parchment paper yesterday, saying internet will be restored within the fortnight, and I expect to come back out of seclusion soon.

The question is: what have I become during my period of isolation - have I gone to the spiritual and intellectual depths, to emerge with a great sense of enlightenment and purpose?

Or have I simply become (more of) a raving lunatic, more disconnected from reality than ever?

We'll find out shortly. I'm sure a weekend trip to Atlantic City with 30 dudes will work wonders for sorting it all out.

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