Sunday, May 5, 2013

How 'Bout We Discuss Boy Meets World?

I was walking past a newsstand in the city the other day and noticed something that would have made 12-year-old FranT swoon: Topanga on the cover of Maxim!

In honor of Danielle Fishel finally giving the people what they asked for, I decided to put together a list of the Top 10 Boy Meets World characters.

10. Frankie "The Enforcer" Stechino
Long before he was the one tolerant white guy for the T.C. Williams Titans, Frankie was the lovable, poetic lackey at John Adams Middle School.

9. Griff Hawkins 
Another character that used Boy Meets World as a launchpad for a successful acting career. As a kid, I never could have pictured the suave Griff as Derek from Step Brothers.

8. Cory Matthews
Some people will argue with me putting the show's main character this low (high?) on my list, but hear me out. Cory isn't that funny, and he's the lesser-talented Savage brother. (His brother Fred played Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years.) He also is pretty whipped by Topanga, but he still isn't that good of a boyfriend because he once cheated on her. This is the right spot for Cory.

7. Topanga Lawrence
Topanga had some weird weight fluctuations and she was a straight-up psycho in her earliest appearances. Still, as the Maxim pictures above show, her A-game was spot-on.

6. Stuart Minkus
Minkus was the token herb in the early seasons of Boy Meets World. He was a true five-tool player: smarts, thick glasses, high-pitched voice, ultra-dorky wardrobe, and no appeal to the opposite sex. Minkus later made a few cameos, most noticeably at graduation and in this episode:

5. Chet Hunter
The man who talked about the "three B's": babes, bucks, and brewskies. Seriously, though, this guy was the worst dad ever.

4. Mr. Feeny
Feeny had one sneaky-funny line per episode to cancel out all the annoying advice he would give to the kids. Feeny's character was made 10 times better by his interactions with Eric, who we'll talk about more a little later.

3. Mr. Turner
As a teacher, I strive to live every day like Mr. Turner. What a badass that guy was.

"Can't talk now, Matthews. I've got three hot blondes waiting for me at my motorcycle."
2. Shawn Hunter
Loyal best friend. Chick magnet. Hilarious kid. Shawn saved Cory's life at the zoo when they were little kids and their friendship blossomed from there. The guy pretty much had everything. Well, everything except money and a non-trailer home.

1. Eric Matthews
Funniest character on the entire show. Eric was kind of lame in the beginning but, once he found his niche as the goofball older brother, he couldn't be stopped. Every episode in the college seasons had several laugh-out-loud Eric moments. If you have a few minutes, here are some of them:

Oh, I forgot one:
178. Jack Hunter
Worst character ever. Jack was the rich brother that came into town during the college years to bring even more drama to the life of Shawn, his trailer-park brother. Jack was even worse than Rachel, the eight-foot-tall ginger roommate.

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