Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How Awful is the Huggies "Connected Diaper"?

I just read a Fox News Technology story about whether people are too connected nowadays. We've all considered both sides of the argument. On the one hand, you just chose to read another ridiculous post by a guy with a girl's name. On the other hand, Kavanaugh hasn't posted on How Blank in like seven weeks, so obviously some of us aren't too connected.

On a third hand, though, the Fox News article mentioned an invention that makes me sure we're too connected. Here's what it says:

They call it “the Internet of things.” But is it too much of a good thing?
Recently, Huggies announced a connected diaper called the TweetPee that will debut in Brazil this summer. It includes an app that notifies you when it detects the presence of urine.

I've written about pointless inventions in the past, but the TweetPee takes the cake.

As the oldest of seven kids, I babysat a lot as a teenager. I guess I should rephrase that: I was the oldest one in the house whenever our parents left us alone because we drove away so many daytime babysitters over the years. Anyways, part of my "responsibility" was changing diapers. Yet, I averaged probably one diaper-change per week (and that's overestimating).

Usually, I paid my younger sisters one dollar per diaper-change and let them struggle with a toddler that was more than half their age. "A little pooh left on a baby's lower back never hurt anybody." -- That was my motto.

The TweetPee -- pissing me right off.
It just comes down to the fact that babies will let you know when they really need to be changed. They'll eventually cry so much that changing them seems less irritating than listening to them anymore. Scientists would describe this phenomenon as reaching a critical mass of urine in the diaper.

I'd say the TweetPee will be about as useful to parents and babysitters as the GPS was to Michael Scott.

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