Saturday, April 6, 2013

How Much Do Bald Athletes Need Headgear?

On Thursday night, I was watching Mariano Rivera close out Red Sox for about the 812th time in my life, and The YES Network showed a clip of a young Mo with a full head of hair.

It was weird to see him with hair, but I also realized that I rarely notice his baldness. Rivera is widely considered one of the best all-around athletes on the Yankees, but does this look like one of the most intimidating players in sports?

Obviously, we envision most baseball players in their caps, but I realized how much more of an aura the hat gives Rivera.
Now, that looks like a photo of a great athlete.

Rivera got me thinking about some other bald (or balding) athletes that seem much younger/better/more intimidating just because of their headgear.

Mark Messier

When Messier was on the ice, the helmet seemed like it was molded to his head, making him look like Magneto from X-Men.


Tiger Woods


I wonder if Tiger's many love interests force him to wear the cap during sexual encounters to make him seem manlier.

Brian Urlacher


Since Urlacher looks like kind of a badass even without a helmet, he doesn't get as much of a boost from his headgear as Mo, Messier, or Tiger. Still, the helmet gives him the look of a true gladiator.

And last but not least...

Michael Scott


Michael wasn't much of a basketball player but, man, the guy could skate.

The Dunder Mifflin boss also benefitted from headgear in the famous "Prison Mike" scene.

A couple of years ago, soccer star Wayne Rooney got a hair transplant. It seems obvious, now, why he felt the need to do so. Maybe Rooney didn't need a hair transplant. He just needed FIFA to allow soccer players to wear headgear on the pitch.

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  1. LeBron now subtly rocks the double headband to hide his receding hairline: