Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How Do People Not Know How to Throw a Baseball?

Joseph Dever, a kid with autism, threw out the first pitch at the Phillies game on Saturday night. His pitch, which can be viewed here, was impressive. Not impressive for a young child with a disability--just plain impressive.

Anyways, Joseph's pitch got me thinking about some of the other famous and infamous first pitches I've seen throughout the years. I wondered how he could throw such a nice strike, while professional athletes routinely bounce their pitches from in front of the mound.

Before we get to some of the more pitiful first pitches, though, let's pay homage to the best first pitch ever:

Smell that? Yup, it's called Nationalism. Drink it in.

And how did Obama do when he threw out the first pitch, you ask?

It's okay, though, Obama's a basketball player. At least that's what we were told...

Let's move on before we get too political up in here. In fairness, Barack O'Baller did look like a much better athlete than some of these other--you know--athletes, as they threw out the first pitch.

Denard Robinson

Carl Lewis

Trent Edwards


 John Wall

And this list could go on and on. Dirk Nowitzki, Manchester United's Gary Neville, Olympian Shawn Johnson. Just tons of pro athletes that can't throw a baseball 40 feet.

I mean, Denard Robinson and Trent Edwards are quarterbacks. Not particularly good quartebacks, but still...you'd still expect them to be able to make a short toss to a stationary human.

I realize that throwing a football or basketball is different than throwing a baseball, but wouldn't you practice for like a week before the first pitch? You'd think a pro athlete would be able to master--or at least become competent at--the simple act of throwing a ball.

As I wrap up this post, I'm even more impressed with Joseph Dever. For all the baseball movies we watch, Little League World Series controversies we discuss, and hardball passion we spew, Americans really don't have a great track record with throwing out the first pitch. But at least Joseph gives us hope for the next generation.

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