Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How Underrated is Spring Daylight Savings Day?

I was outside a little while ago and even though it was raining, it was still pretty bright out at 7:00. How underrated is Spring Daylight Savings Day? As far as I know, it's so underrated that I had to make up a name for it just now. And who knew that the idea for Daylight Savings Time was conceived by a gout-ridden Ben Franklin?

At work today, I remarked how great it was to have an hour more of daylight each afternoon. A colleague responded, "Yeah, but we lost an hour of sleep on Sunday." Ummm, who cares? It was Sunday, so it didn't matter what time you woke up.* When I was a kid, my dad always used it as an excuse to send us to bed early, too. He'd say things like, "You're gonna lose an hour of sleep, so you have to go to bed at 8 tonight even though it's Saturday." Then, he'd use it as a trick to put us in bed early for the next few nights. "You lost that hour of sleep the other night, so tonight's a catch-up night." Completely taking advantage of little kids' lack of mathematical reasoning.

*I guess teachers just always find something to complain about. Spring break? "Yeah, but then we have eight weeks with only one off day before summer." Summers off? "Yeah, but school goes until the end of June, so we only really get two months."

People like my co-workers and my dad might want you to believe otherwise, but Sunday was a great day. I'd say that Spring Daylight Savings Day is the second-best springboard holiday -- a day that launches a great part of the calendar year. Memorial Day is obviously the best springboard holiday by far, but Spring Daylight Savings Day isn't too shabby itself. Giving us one more hour of daylight in the lead-up to St. Patrick's Day, March Madness, Easter, and Opening Day. Happy belated Spring Daylight Savings Day, everyone!

Just sleep an hour later, dumbass! It's Sunday.

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