Monday, March 4, 2013

How Many Movies Will I See This Year?

It’s not a ridiculous question. And the answer is 8. 

By “Movies I See”, I mean in theaters, and by “this year”, I’m going on the Oscar calendar, so with the Oscars having just ended, all the way up until next year’s.

This is less to inform you of my own movie interests (you could care less...or could you?), but to urge you to take a good hard look at how many movies you’ll be seeing this year. And is there any sort of rule to follow? Like if it’s under 2, you should get to the movies more...but if it’s over 12, maybe you should take up a hobby or something? Or hit a bar once in awhile? With the accessibility of all movies on On Demand and Netflix and such, I have to think that number is pretty low. Anyway, here are mine.


The Place Beyond The Pines 

(seeing it for free, but I like to think I would have seen it regardless)

The Great Gatsby

Man of Steel

Anchorman 2

The Internship 

The Wolf of Wall Street

Oscar Throw-ins (2)

There’s always movies that you don’t know about too far in advance but all of a sudden pick up steam and are all the rage leading up to the Oscars. Mine this year were Argo and Lincoln, and I think Argo was a little lesser known of the two over the course of 2012 before it came out. So I’ll pencil myself in for that many this year, unless the Wolf of Wall Street happens to be one of these films. Or the Internship.

So there you have it. With a little online research and some serious introspection, my final number is 8. I’d say the chances that I see one not on this list are just as good as the chances that I fail to see one on this list. So it stands at 8. Bored and looking for action? Take the over/under, and I’ll keep you posted. Is that too many? I suppose it should be noted that I have a girlfriend, so that has to bump up my general outlook and assumption that I’ll see this many movies.

As a side note: what age is the peak age for seeing movies? Because I’m 23, and it ain’t 23. My cousin is like 34 with 2 kids, and she sees ZERO movies. So is it like 28? Or is it just somewhere way down the road when your kids are out of the house and call you and you say things like “Your mother and I are going to the movies tonight, I think your aunt and uncle may be joining us” ? In that case, 2046 will be a huge movie year for me!

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  1. I just watched the trailer for 42, the new Jackie Robinson movie, and I'm adding it to my list of movies for this year: