Thursday, March 7, 2013

How Likely Is it That I'm Getting Kicked Out of My Apartment?

I'd say quite strong

Yup. Just got the letter tonight, and the roommates and I will have lots of conversations with our landlord over the course of the next week to sort it all out and find out if this is for good and when we should start looking again.

I had a slew of blog topics lined up with some notes and my plan was to write one of them and post it..until this giant matza ball came out of nowhere. But don't worry, I'll have a few up soon enough. I guess a better question is: how much does that suck?

Wish me luck on tomorrow's phone calls with landlord!

But if it does come to an end, though I'll hate the landlord, it'll be something like this


  1. what have you done in order to be kicked out of the apartment?

  2. just rent increases and stuff might make us leave