Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How Lame is My Bucket List?

I was watching some of the movie The Bucket List last night and I had some thoughts. (Surprise, surprise.)

First, I wondered why it's called a bucket list and quickly found out that the term comes from the phrase "kicking the bucket." It's a list of things to do before you kick the bucket. Yup, pretty obvious. Some StupidiT from FranT on that one.

I also considered my own bucket list and realized that I've knocked a few things off of it recently.
--Trick a girl into marrying me. (CHECK!)
--Backpack through Europe. (CHECK!)
--Start a blog. (DOUBLE-CHECK!!)
--Have a pope named after me. (CHECK!)

Look at that list, though. Talk about lame and generic (besides the last one, although it's still 50-50 whether Pope Francis was named after only me). I really better step up my bucket list game, huh?

Back to the film for a second. For those that don't know, The Bucket List was a pretty poorly-written Jack Nicholson/Morgan Freeman movie. The two main characters are terminally ill and attempt to do as many amazing things as they can before they die. The quality of the movie doesn't much matter here; the premise does. We all have stuff that we want to do before we die. In the film, Nicholson and Freeman get to do tons of it -- see the Wonders of the World, go stock-car racing, experience an African safari, etc.

I know that clip might not exactly make you feel the need to add "Watch The Bucket List" to your bucket list. But I think Morgan Freeman is right (as his characters usually are). The success of a person's life should come down to how much joy he/she has found and brought to others.

As with many people, skydiving is currently on my bucket list. Again, pretty lame since it seems like everyone does it (including, as you might have guessed, Nicholson and Freeman in The Bucket List). Still, you're cray-cray if you think I won't feel joyful jumping out of a plane. It stays on the list.

Of course I'll never be able to do anything remotely as cool as the "people" in the People Are Awesome Youtube videos, which ate up an hour of my time last night.

(Even if you don't want to watch the whole thing, at least fast-forward to the kid on roller skates and the baby, starting at the 4:04 mark. Now those kids have cool bucket lists ahead of them.)

I guess the point shouldn't be what's on your bucket list, then, but that you have one at all. So, yeah, my bucket list might be kind of lame.

Still, my aunt always says that when she dies, she wants to be reincarnated as me. That must be because, even though my bucket list is lame, I'm constantly checking things off of it.

[Waste 500 words boring people with thoughts about my bucket list. (CHECK!)]

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