Monday, March 18, 2013

How Great is March?

Yesterday was Selection Sunday and St. Paddy's Day and I was like:

With two great events falling on the same day, I got to thinking about some of the best days and weeks of the year. Here, in descending order, are my Power Rankings for the best five weeks of each calendar year.

5. Thanksgiving Week
Almost everyone gets a four-day weekend to kick off a solid month of binge-eating and -drinking. Thanksgiving gets bonus points from me because it always falls the week before my birthday. It was easy to be thankful when rich aunts and uncles would bring awesome gifts for me. Also, none of my relatives had any excuse to forget my gift because they knew they were definitely going to see me. The weather in November is one of Thanksgiving Week's only drawbacks.

4. March Madness Week
It's here! It's a well-known fact that offices lose tons of prductivity during this week, but it's not ranked higher because most people still have to work. I still can't wait for Thursday and Friday when I can get home and watch about 10 straight hours of basketball. My parents' neighbor Melissa calls herself a "basketball widow" for the next few weeks, and I think that description fits most married women in this coutry.

3. Christmas Week
Lots of time off from work is only slightly negated by the familial obligations that crowd Christmas Week. I always think I'm going to ski a few days, but Christmas parties usually keep me too busy. Christmas Week gains points because it's topped off by New Year's Day, one of the best bar days of the year.

2. St. Patrick's Day Week
It's actually more like "St. Patrick's Day Month." Starting on the first weekend of March, there are parades/parties every weekend. In New York alone, you have parades in the city, Rockaway, Pearl River, White Plains, Woodlawn, Yonkers, and probably some other places I'm missing. Just a month of religious debauchery when even Italian kids get into the mix. This year's St. Paddy's Day Week also coincided with Big East Tournament Week (R.I.P.), so lots people in NYC were hurting at work today. But even St. Paddy's Day can't compete with the best week of all...

1. Fourth of July Week
This week almost lost the top spot last year when the Fourth fell on a Wednesday.

However, I'm already giddy for this summer when almost everyone will have a four-day weekend kicked off by the best American holiday there is. Just a great week to barbecue, boat it, and beach it.
Honorable Mentions
Memorial Day Week
Spring Daylight Savings Day Week
President's Day Week
College Football Opening Day Week
Baseball Opening Day Week

Let me know if I missed any.

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