Sunday, March 10, 2013

How Bad Are Songs That Start With 'How' ?

Keeping in with the theme of this blog, I checked out all the songs that start with “How” on iTunes, Spotify, and other databases, and the results aren’t pretty. If it just has the word in the song title, that doesn’t count ( i.e. Teach Me How to Dougie). Let’s dive right in, here are my top 10:

10. How Soon Is Now? - The Smiths. 

Kind of an unknown? Yay or nay? It can't be denied.

9. How Many Licks? Lil Kim & Sysco. 

I'm pretty sure this song is a metaphor!

8. How Am I supposed to live without you? Michael Bolton. 

Made famous by the Saved By the Bell dance when Kelly can't afford to go but Zack takes her outside the school for a picnic and they can hear the music. Unbelievable. Also, thanks candylicious princess for the video.

7. How We Do - The Game. 

HS basketball run out song swag thru the roof!

6. How Do You Sleep? - Je
sse McCartney. 
You kinda forget about this one because I don't think anyone has ever actively searched for this song, so how would you know its name? But when it happens to be on, man is it sweet.

5. How Do I live Without You - Leann Rimes. 

She's singing about her longtime husband, Busta Rimes.

4. How Can We Be Lovers if We Can’t Be friends? - Michael Bolton. 

Bolton lives to ask us the questions whose answers our hearts are too afraid to face. I'm still pissed by the way that I could never successfully get this song into the rotation of party songs in any setting, ever.

3. How Will I Know? Whitney Houston. 

One thing that we do know is that we really love this song!

2. How Sweet It is - James Taylor.

The original JT just singing my worries away.

1. How’s It Going to Be? Third Eye Blind. 

Indisputable as far as I'm concerned. This song made me all sorts of emotions before I even knew what those emotions were. I didn't have a girlfriend in HS, so by default I couldn't break up with one, but I might as well have for the amount of times I crushed this song back then. 

So there you have it. This list leaves me a little confused. How did I end up here? How come there aren’t more, or how many did I miss? Is there a common thread? I guess when we really look at these tunes, they’re not BAD, but I’ll tell you one thing that most of them are: Guilty Effing Pleasure songs, especially towards the meaty middle of that list. Try this: picture a party where these are the only 10 songs in rotation. Could be fun?

I’m wondering now if I should take some of these song titles and turn them into blog prompts. Could get weird, could get awesome, ideally will be both. First up will be: How Can We Be Lovers if We Cant Be Friends? Stay tuned.

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