..."Twerk will be added to the dictionary as part of its quarterly update, which includes words such as "selfie," the word typically used to describe pouty smartphone self-portraits, "digital detox" for time spent away from Facebook and Twitter, and "Bitcoin," for the nationless electronic currency whose gyrations have also caught the world's eye.

As an English major in college, I met a lot of people that were snobbish about only using the Oxford English Dictionary. Professors would often say things like, "The only acceptable definition is one taken from the O.E.D." 

Well, it turns out that the O.E.D. is on the same level as Urban Dictionary. Actually, the O.E.D. is not even as good; at least Urban Dictionary has a definition for the word skell.* 

*Sidenote: As of August 20, "Skell" now has its own Wikipedia page. I like to think How Blank played a role in the movement to get proper respect for the term. #SkellSoHard

This blog already has a glossary of important terms, but most of those are already recognized in the dictionary. Here are a few additional words I'd like to see in the O.E.D.: